Preparing a home for sale can be a daunting task for many because every home is different.

Every home has a charm that once drew in its previous owners to appreciate and live their lives in the manner in which they did in the property and when putting a home up for sale, sellers want to ensure potential buyers feel the same charm. Every walk of life is different and every perspective of a property is different and that is why when we list anything in Hawaii real estate, we try to ensure we are putting our best foot forward to showcase the home in its best light. 

Not every property needs a major upgrade or renovation but there are simple ways every seller can ensure their home stands out in Hawaii real estate because our market is so lucrative and unique given Hawaii’s quality of life. A full kitchen redo may be out of a seller’s budget, or lack of materials due to shipping delays to the islands may be an issue but there are definitely ways we have seen properties get the best for its value from simple fixes everyday in Hawaii real estate. 

A few simple ways to upgrade a home begins with light touches, changing out lighting fixtures, upgrading walls with paint and potentially changing out crown molding. With so many modern options available both online and in-store at one of our Local or big box home improvement stores, the ability to turn a home into something new really just takes a few simple diy steps. Whether a seller is willing to hire someone to fix paint on an area or room that may need updating, or if the seller is willing to change out the doorknobs, the simple things that really just take a light toolbox all depend on the willingness of the seller. 

Upgrading these simple items that are conveniently available to anyone, particularly because both the Kona, Waimea and Hilo sides of the Big Island of Hawaii have the availability of access to large home improvement stores, really can take a property to the next level. What these simple finishing touches does to a home is it puts the home back into the light the seller and their own family once saw it as and it gives a new opportunity for potential buyers to see the home in a better light. 

In addition, simple repairs to things like faucets, shower heads, holes in walls, holes in any region of the home also put the home in a better light. These fixes repair simple items that are not too daunting and really can help the property list better to all of Hawaii real estate for potential buyers. 

Want to know more about simple fixes to improve your property’s selling value in a good faith effort to stand out in Hawaii real estate? Contact one of Hawaii Development Group’s agents and we can assess your property with you and come up with a plan of action.