In recent years, the Hawaii real estate market, like all real estate, has seen such growth in ensuring we put our best foot forward when making an offer on a property a client really loves.

As Hawaii real estate is a hot commodity given the circumstances of inventory, Hawaii being a large destination for the rest of the world and lastly, the level of interest from multiple buyers all contribute to the nuances in our Hawaii real estate market. Putting in a strong offer not only increases your chances of being heard from sellers but going under further review to hopefully win the property!

The following four tips really help to submit a strong offer!

  1. Always lean in on a real estate professional who is experienced not only in the process of buying a home here in Hawaii real estate but a professional who understands the uniqueness of Hawaii real estate because it can strengthen the realities surrounding the offer submission process. Always connect with someone who knows what they are doing, particularly here in Hawaii real estate! Any of our agents here at Hawaii Development Group would be more than happy to assist you on your Hawaii real estate journey!
  2. Know your budget and we can never stress this tip enough because your budget forecasts the potential options available to you. Even if you put in an offer under the budget you are capable of spending, increasing potential counter-offers with larger amounts can strengthen your chances of winning the deal. 
  3. Timing is everything! The 2020 Pandemic market was a race horse of real estate sales here in Hawaii real estate and today, as the market has returned to normalcy, you have more time to really think thoroughly about the decision you are going to make in putting in an offer that will potentially land you with winning the property!
  4. Always work with your Hawaii real estate professional to ensure you are not skipping an opportunity to strengthen your offer! Things like inspections, requests for concessions and due to the market returning to normalcy which results in potential buyers having a lot more power to negotiate than before. 

If you are ever interested in all things Hawaii real estate, connect with a member of the Hawaii Development Group and we would love to increase your chances through a strong offer in realizing your dream property!